Establishing Residency in CA

The law is very specific in that only patients who are legal residents of California qualify for medical marijuana in the state. You must demonstrate your intent to make California your home by severing your residential ties with your former state of residence and establishing those ties with California shortly after arrival. Indications of your intent to make California your permanent residence include the following:

  1. Registering to vote and voting in California elections
  2. Designating California as your permanent address on all school and/or employment records, including military records if you are in the military service
  3. Obtaining a California driver's license or, if you do not drive, a California identification card
  4. Obtaining California vehicle registration
  5. CA utility Bills in your name
  6. Paying California income taxes as a resident including taxes on income earned outside California from the date you establish residence
  7. Establishing a home in California where you keep your personal belongings and licensing for professional practice in California. You will need your deed or a lease for a period of at least 6 months

Documentary evidence is required and all relevant indications will be considered in determining your classification.