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Established in 2010 our practice is owned by a physician. California law dictates that a medical practice must be owned by doctors only (any medical center that is not owned by a doctor but has hired doctors is illegal; most medical marijuana centers in LA are illegal).

After extensive research into the scientific, medical and safety aspects of marijuana Dr. Hashemiyoon realized, like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, that the concept of marijuana as a harmful, horrific drug is misleading. In fact, it has an incredible safety profile and is more helpful than many prescription medications for some serious diseases.

To assure that American Medical Evaluation Centers would be compliant with all medical board and state laws we consulted with two attorneys, one specializing in medical marijuana and one specializing in medical board of CA regulations regarding medical marijuana.

Our doctors are so well trained and experienced that they have been asked to be expert witnesses in medical marijuana legal cases. They have been accepted by the Los Angles DA office as experts in this field.

Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon internal medicine Medical Director

Considered to be one of the United States top experts in his field of vascular medicine Dr. Hashemiyoon began American Medical Evaluation Centers after careful research into the benefits and side effects of medical marijuana. Like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent, Dr. Hashemiyoon also recognized that Medical Marijuana has clear medical benefits and is actually safer than a lot of prescription medications. It certainly is not the addictive harmful drug we have been led to believe for 70 years.


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