• Eight Common Cannabinoids and their effects

    Cannabinoids are a class of chemical compounds that act on specific cannabinoid receptors in the brain. There are endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body); the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (manufactured chemically). The most notable cannabinoid is ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis. Another major phytocannabinoid is Cannabidiol (CBD) comprising up to 40% in extracts of the plant resin. There are at least 85 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects.

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  • Five Common Medical benefits of Medical Marijuana

    For some illnesses there currently is no "cure". Patients suffer with these serious chronic diseases despite some of our best efforts and using prescription medications to treat the illness and provide comfort to the patient. California has allowed patients with serious chronic illnesses to choose their own medical treatment including the use of medical marijuana as either a replacement for traditional treatments or as a supplemental treatment.

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  • Why I changed my mind on weed By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

    Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta's groundbreaking documentary "WEED" at 8 p.m. ET August 11 on CNN.

    Before he started working on his documentary called "Weed," Dr. Sanjay Gupta thought the research backing medical marijuana was unimpressive. "I'm here to apologize," he says. We have been "systematically misled" on marijuana.

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide)

    Do you know what your rights are when a police officer asks to search you? If you're like most people I've met in my eight years working to educate the public on this topic, then you probably don't.

    It's a subject that a lot of people think they understand, but too often our perception of police power is distorted by fictional TV dramas, sensational media stories, silly urban myths, and the unfortunate fact that police themselves are legally allowed to lie to us.

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