• California Resident.
  • Have a serious chronic illness.
  • Have an evaluation by a physician documenting your illness.
  • Evaluation must be accompanied by a physical exam in person. SKYPE evaluations are completely illegal.
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a doctor for the use of medical marijuana.

Determination of California Residency

You need to have a state issued driver's license or state ID. If you recently moved to CA then a temporary letter from the DMV will suffice. Also satisfactory would be a photo ID with either a lease agreement for at least 6 months in your name or a utility bill in your name. There are several ways to establish legal residency. Please check the list:


patient registration form

If you wish to expedite your visit you can download the registration form, consent forms, and HIPPA form. Fill all the forms out completely and bring them with you to the office. Please, bring any other supporting documentation of your illness as well. This can include your old recommendation, prescriptions, prescription bottles, doctor's notes, emergency room notes, op notes from surgery you have had, or any other medical records.