Beware of unscrupulous medical offices that advertise unbelievable low prices. Many of these practices bait patients in with promises of $20-$30 offices visits and then slap patients with a $60-$90 bill.

They will tell you that the recommendation is $25 but the doctor's fee is an additional $40 or $50. This is illegal and fraudulent. You should report these places to the California Medical Board and file a complaint for false advertising practices. The recommendation is part of the medical services the doctor provides and is NOT separate from the evaluation.

Another "trick" they will use is to tell you that the $25 does not include the full service of the doctor going to court for you. There will be an additional charge of $40-$60 for "full service". This is incorrect and again illegal. All doctors are legally obligated to appear in court for their patients should the need arise and there should be no additional up front fee for this. You shoud repot these practices to the California Medical Board and file a complaint.

Lastly, the law in California is that a medical office must be owned by a doctor. It cannot be owned by a businessman who hires a doctor. This is absolutely illegal medical practice and again should be reported to the state authorities and the California Medical Board.