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Review Of Records

Medical Marijuana Records

As part of the proper medical marijuana evaluation your doctor should review your past medical records. These can be any number of old records including:

  • Chart Notes - These can be any medical notes from your regular family physician or a specialist. They can also be any operative reports from operations you have had.
  • Urgent Care Visits - Any notes from visits to the emergency room or urgent care centers for your medical conditions are also valid medical records.
  • Prescriptions - Any prescriptions for your medical condition validate that you have been seen and diagnosed for your condition by another physician.
  • Prescription Bottles - The same as above any old prescription bottles indicate that another doctor diagnosed you and thought your condition warranted treatment.
  • Previous Medical Marijuana Recommendations - Th Medical Board of CA states that medical marijuana recommendations are part of the medical record. So any and all old recommendations are valid old records.